Flobots – Fight With Tools

Flobots are a six-piece hip hop progressive band from Denver Colorado.

This EP is an interesting listen. It’s not often you hear a hip-hop band with instrument backing. On most of the tracks, the MC’s are supported perfectly well by drums, bass, guitars, strings and horns. It all works nicely. Something else that makes Flobots stand out is the distinct political commentary that make up parts of their lyrics.

The first track on the EP is ‘Handlebars’. It’s starts off not sounding too dissimilar to E of the Eels, but the songs is soon stamped with hip-hop lyrical stylings. There’s a feel of of comparative positions with the lyrics shifting from self-confidence and the influence of the individual, to bragging and mis-placed self-confidence of politicians and those in a position of power.

The title track, ‘Fight with tools’, contains more political commentary, with a tag line of ‘we need heroes. Be a man’. It’s not clear who the lyrics are aimed at, but coming from a proud American outfit who identify global issues in their delivery, you can take your guess at the who may be the subject.

The EP has a renegade, underground vibe to it. There’s an honesty and social commentary within the lyrics that may not equate to commercial success, but that’s no bad thing. The styling of instruments and hip-hop delivery works here with no question.

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