Limited edition Smiths singles to be released

10 Smiths' singles are to be reissued on limited edition 7″ vinyl.

The mastered singles will be released in pairs over 5 weeks, with replica sleeves.

The paired singles are limited to 5000 with 10,000 Singles Boxes also to be released on December 8th. This will contain the 10 singles and also 2 singles much more difficult to come by.

The first will be 'Still Ill,' which was originally replaced by 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now.' The second 'The Headmaster Ritual,' originally a Dutch release.

The full singles schedule is:

Released: November 10, 2008:
1. Hand in Glove (3:17) b/w: Handsome Devil (Live) (2:53)
2. This Charming Man (2:41) b/w: Jeane (3:02)

Released: November 17, 2008:
3. What Difference Does It Make? (3:51) b/w: Back To The Old House (3:04)
4. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (3:34) b/w: Suffer Little Children (5:27)

Released: November 24, 2008
5. William, It Was Really Nothing (2:10) b/w: Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (1:50)
6. How Soon Is Now? (3:41) b/w: Well I Wonder (4:00)

Released: December 1, 2008:
7. Shakespeare's Sister (2:08) b/w: What She Said (3:08)
8. That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore (4:58) b/w: Meat Is Murder (Live) (5:34)

Released: December 8, 2008:
9.The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (3:15) b/w: Asleep (4:10)
10. Bigmouth Strikes Again (3:12) b/w: Money Changes Everything (4:40)

Exclusive To The Singles' Box:
Still Ill (3:20) b/w You've Got Everything Now (4:29)

Originally scheduled as the fourth single
Issued as DJ “A” Label promo R61DJ, Feb '84.

The Headmaster Ritual (4:51) ** b/w Oscillate Wildly (3:26) Originally issued as Megadisc MD5295 (Holland), Jul.'85.

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