Franz Ferdinand go goth with new album

Franz Ferdinand are set to release their new album next year and have revealed it will be called 'Tonight.'

At their New York show, Kapranos revealed the news and later gave the reasoning behind it. “It's music of the night, so it seems like the most appropriate title.”

A darker side to the band perhaps? As goth rock tunes by bands like White Lies and The Editors continue to fill indie dancefloors nationwide, perhaps we can expect something similar, as Kapranos adds, “It's music for the dancefloor, your bedroom as you psyche yourself up to go out.”

Adding to the suggestion of a new direction, the band have also been experimenting with percussion on the new tracks. The band revealed to MTV, “We had this skeleton in a box that just ended up sitting in the corner of the studio, and we all sort of looked at it, and decided to experiment with it.” Apparently creating a, “weird, fucked-up kind of a sound that was wicked,” the use of human bones was perfect, “I can't think of any records with human bones on it.”

Neither can we, Alex, neither can we…

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