Rockstar Editor?

Welcome to your weekly insight into the world of Leanne, where the highlight of yesterday was making a pot noodle style pasta carbonara for Alec. Tell a lie the hightlight was adding new photos to facebook and howling with laughter at the ones of Alec… there is always someone worse of than yourself. Ha ha sorry Alec, Im only kidding. Now, how can I possibly cram all the exciting highlights of my week into one tiny editorial. Ok I'll try….

Since last Tuesday I have been mostly working…Thursday was my day off so I had a lie in, went the dentist, then hung out at a friends. Friday, I made Alec jealous by drinking the last chocolate skinny capuchino infront of him. Then after work we went for a staff drink, which was great until someone refused to come because I was there, charming. So I went home and cried. Now I may seem like an 'ard b*st*rd but Im really very sensitive, so this comment did put a bit of a downer on the weekend. The weekend involved work in the days. Saturday night was spent ravin and misbehavin' , Sunday night I was meant to go to a gig and forgot. How do you forget that? Which brings us back to Monday and the pasta making. As for today, pfft…I just wanna go back to bed. I know, I know I just need to turn my frown upside down. I think I might buy a puppy , awww see that's cheered me up already.

So what's hot this week…We have a feature and interview with Collide, the very band who gave a thankyou to Glasswerk and our very own Glasswerk writer Steven Hurst in the credits on their album sleeve. We also have interviews with Black Kids and Errors. There's the new Duffy video, which is not to be missed. Other video highlights include Team Waterpolo, Loose Salute and Operahouse. We also have the full details and round up of the hotly anticipated Liverpool Music Week 2008. As always there's cd and live reviews to check out. And last but by no means least we have many gigs for you including Imperial Leisure which is a mere two days away, Eighties Matchbox Disaster's special Halloween gig and Jessie, which is now only a few weeks away on 3rd November.

Now I'm off to make tea and buy some sweets. I've got an overwhelming urge for kola kubes…

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