Homeless man finds McCartney's wax head

As reported on Glasswerk, earlier this week a wax model of Paul McCartney's head, worth upwards of £5,000 was left on a train by the owner.

A homeless mas has found the head and collected the £2,000 reward. Antony Silva found the head in a bin at Reading train station.

Initially, Silva thought the head was a halloween mask but soon realised what he had found. “It's just what I need and I hope my luck has changed for the better,” Silva said.

Joby Carter, who lost the head while transporting it to be autioned, said he thought the head may fetch even more now due to the interest created.

“The silly thing is since the appeal to find the head we've had more bids come in, with interest from Japan and America, and the sell price is guaranteed to have gone up.

“But I will think twice about organising another auction,” Mr Carter added.

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