Team Madonna

So the majority of the press this week has been dominated by Madonna and Guy Ritchie's divorce. Now too be honest I don't really care about it that much, but as usual Madonna's getting a slating in the press. Now I like Madonna even with that dodgy English accent she's acquired – at least she's embracing our lingo. So the obligatory mud slinging begins starting with why Madonna's a bad mother. Apparently it's because she doesn't let her children watch T.V and they follow a healthy diet. Someone call the cops, lock that woman up, your telling me she wants her children to eat salad and veg instead of a burger that's been blended together using cow's arseholes and eyelids! You mean she doesn't want her children to watch all the sex and violence that has become common place on our T.V screens. God she's just awful.

Now let's take a look at the evidence… in Madonna's documentary on her Drowned World Tour- Lourdes was saying how her Mum let her choose which Disney films she wanted to watch so many times a week. I think at around this time Lourdes would have been about ten years old and Rocco around four. The point is it sounds to me like Madonna just has parental control over what her children watch i.e Disney films are suitable for children whereas say Jordan & Peter: The Next Chapter, is not. Also the documentary shows Lourdes speaking fluent French, now if I had a ten year old daughter I would much rather her spend her time doing something constructive like learning French as opposed to aspiring to be like a Bratz doll. So it seems Madonna's not a bad parent at all she, just like any mother, wants the best for her children.

Also I just want to add that I read in a magazine that somebody had spotted Madonna in a resturant a so they went over to say hi and she told them to leaver her 'the f**k alone'. Now of course if your favourite celeb said that to you , you would be disappointed. However on the other hand it is quite funny. Madonna's career has spanned over three decades and her fame is astronomical so imagine how many people have gone up to her over the years interupting phone calls, meals with her friends & family, jogging trips all fairness it would piss you off a bit. Also part of me wishes I could do that you know just say what you're really thinking instead of having to be fake nice to someone. So I am having a little chuckle about that.

So for all its worth I say Go Madonna! This is a woman who is intelligent, she's always learning something new and she dedicates herself 150% to it. Also she has to be the most self motivated & self disciplined person I've ever come across, I mean you don't get a body like that by sitting on your arse all day watching Will & Grace re-runs. And she certainly knows how to put on a show. So I've got to say if you're going to ask me to take sides I'm on Team Madonna! Woo Woo!

Now on the Glasswerk site this week is …..a interview will The Fall's Mark. E. Smith. Live reviews including Los Campesinos and Bombay Bicycle Club. The Raid and Paddington's new videos amongst others and lots of music news. There are many competitions, mainly the chance to win a Nationwide Mercury Music 2008 cd. And of course Jessie, The Research, Deaf Havana, Peter & The Wolf, who are all doing unmissable gigs- so get on it!

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