Exoterik - Don't Swallow
Album Review

Exoterik – Don’t Swallow

Female metal singers tend to get more of a hard time in the press when it comes to lending their talents to what tends to be a male orinetated playground. It’s nice to see that the ladies aren’t going anyway any time soon. Too be fair, of late there have been many that just cant make their vocals match the sound around them. Anneka Latta luckilly doesn’t fall into the trap of pushing her voice too far. Instead she’s decided to do some singing instead. She doesn’t have a particularly stand out voice, but it doesnt do this album any harm either.

The music that swells around here is a curious beast in itself. Quite often it is very generic – but there are some moments of inventiveness injected into the songs here and there. Traces of synth backing, some atmosphere guitaring also surfaces throughout. It can make for frustrating listening to almost hear a pure sound from a band, only for it to be caught in the mesh of commonality. Part of this may be down to the type of guitar sound used. Maybe pick something else up next time.

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