Breezy 'I Get Drunk' Video

Breezy has come a long way. Eight years ago, when he first started MCing on the garage scene, he was under 18 so had to be escorted out of the club by bouncers once his set was over. Now his debut single I Get Drunk has been signed to leading dance label AATW and has already reached no. 1 on the Cool Cuts chart.

If Breezy needs to remember where he has come from, he can just listen to I Get Drunk. But this is no po-faced lyric about the trials and tribulations of a UK MC. This is laugh-out-loud funny account of “jus’ another typical Breezy night” with a video to match, both of which will ring true for anyone who has spent nights getting up to no good in clubs. Breezy says “If you go on a night out with me and my mates, you will see stuff like that – excess drinking, fighting, people being thrown out of clubs, girls screaming… but the girls aren’t always as fit as in the video”. He’s now working on an album which will stay “close to home” and cover topics such as being 25 and still unable to drive, his card always being declined, and his hatred of shopping with his girlfriend.

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