Hetfield Awaits Chinese Democracy

One man who reckons he can contain his excitement for a little while longer is Metallica frontman James Hetfield, who has said he will be listening to the long awaited new Guns N Roses album 'Chinese Democracy' when it's launched next week, but adds “I haven't lost sleep waiting for it”.

Asked about the new GNR album by the Houston Chronicle, Hetfield, whose band once toured with Axl Rose et al, said: “I thought we took a long time to make an album. But you know he's late for everything, so it makes total sense”.

Despite having been critical of GNR's live show after their 1991 joint tour, Hetfield was more generous to Axl's live performance this time, saying: “We saw him play at a festival in Germany two years ago. He's a good frontman. He's eccentric, but all artists are. If they don't show that they're quirky, they're lying to you. They're either pretending they're not or they're pretending they're an artist”.

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