Bardo State – Maripossa

I hate to use the words ‘chill-out’ in musical references as it reminds me of Ibiza post drugs comedown music but I could see Bardot State being shoe-horned into this section particularly by lazy music journos. However ‘Mariposa’ has oodles more class and sophistication than that genre could ever muster.

Like a classical and dreamy version of Air’s masterpiece ‘Moon Safari’ it’s a picture painting slide show of simplicity pulling in pockets of French and English vocals in a 60 minute fusion of keys, electronica , acoustic guitars and strings. It entwines them beautifully to produce a colourful and encapsulating spectrum horizon.

Typically you might not play this if you were trying to get a party started but that’s not the intention of the 14 songs which includes a version of David Bowie’s ‘This is not America’ and Kate Bush ‘The man with the child in his eyes. Both these songs step up the pace and if there is one drawback here it’s the fact that at times it sounds samey and self-indulgent.

However that’s a minor drawback as this lush soundtrack really feels like it’s whisking you away to pastures bright and sunny. It’s not hedonistic and wont rip up any trees for it’s originality but what it brings to the table is a superior standard of musicianship and gives the listener a mellifluous journey.

You can shove that chill-out to the back of the cupboard. Cinematic post electronica is where Bardot State are at!!

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