Shinedown – Devour

Review here…

This is generic, monotonous and frankly unlistenable. The kind of angry, testosterone fuelled American music I’m sure you’re all familiarized with. File next to ‘Disturbed’ and ‘Limp Bizkit’ and any other music that you think may fit the bill as the perfect accompaniment to a WWF soundtrack or any other form of grown men in skimpy clothing and masks pretending to fight each other.

Everything from the so-obvious-it’s- painful stampeding drum intro to the boorish lyrics ‘devour, devour suffocate your own empire’ is uninteresting. Let’s face it nobody has quite filled the void of writing self pitying metal lyrics successfully that Trent Reznor left behind and this group in an attempt to reach out to the alienated sound somewhat comical. Not personally my cup of tea but if you are partial to an angry man with a pony-tail shouting nonsense then go ahead and ‘devour’ it.

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