Gramercy Arms - Shining Bright
Album Review

Gramercy Arms – Shining Bright

This post debut album EP features three foraging non-album tracks to contrast with the fuzzy, feel-good, tender and mildly electro-zipped album gem, ‘Shining Bright’.

This A-side slots together the lost, but comforting vocal lag of Rainey Ortega with a warming Mercury Rev element. It gives feel-good pop pickers, earnest indie impresarios and country flirters something to hold onto. Also, those who just like a well textured tune can meditate away.

Anyway the looping indie/country folk catchiness of Gramercy Arms is as exposed as Danny Cipriani’s ego, but the 3 new tracks inclusive of ‘Walking Around’, shows an ambient producing ability and a more forlorn vocal drag to wretch out bewilderment and nostalgia.

‘Fell Apart’, brings their country lob out of the shadows and some stirring slow clattering strokes comfortingly the weary, but crisp male and female vocal to and fro.

Gramercy Arms are giving the impression that their next album may focus more on slow mood creating than feel good indie/pop. Anyone complaining?

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