Jackson's Giraffes

PETA have written to Michael Jackson to ask him to save four giraffes which were formerly part of his Neverland Ranch Menagerie, and who, the animal rights organisation claims, have now been housed in confined spaces in Arizona for more than a year.

A spokesman for PETA says: “When Jackson faced recent financial troubles, the giraffes were sold to a couple in Page, Arizona, who were reportedly planning to set up a zoo. More than a year later, the giraffes are still confined to pens that allegedly each measure approximately 15ft by 15ft, and the animals reportedly have not been receiving adequate veterinary or husbandry care. If Michael could see the giraffes' plight for himself, I'm sure he'd agree that it's bad – really, really bad. The giraffes may be out of Michael's life, but he has a responsibility to see that they don't suffer”.

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