MGMT and of Montreal side project

Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal has revealed a side project with MGMT named Blikk Fang.

Word of the project first leaked in a blog in March: “(The pair have) been half-jokingly writing songs for each other for a while. Kevin will think of an absurd title and tell Andrew to write a song … and then he does! And vice versa.”

Since March, the band has become a little more definate. Barnes implied this week that genuine recording sessions were “on the horizon”.

According to Rolling Stone, Andrew VanWyngarden and Barnes have initiated a project together. Barnes says: “I really want to get (the project)off the ground in 2009, I’ve been talking to Jon Brion about maybe collaborating as well, so that’s a really fun project that’s on the horizon.
“We’ve actually created about 20 minutes of music, but that was the early part of last year. The stuff we’ve done so far is sort of a soulful prog. It’s probably gonna be a pretty schizophrenic, crazy album.”

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