The Hours - See The Light
Album Review

The Hours – See The Light

This haunting melody is so good it will almost imprint itself on your conscience. The layered and progressive sound of ‘The Hours’ is so infectious it’s impossible to see their status not reaching the peaks it deserves.

‘See The Light’ is a monumental and extremely progressive track that builds itself with intelligent textures creating a wall of sound around a simple but effective string arrangement, piano loop and impressive guitar hook that cascades itself into a grandiose and ambitious masterpiece.

Antony Green’s vocals style is also very strong; built around the main lyric of the song ‘I know there is light inside of you’ it is fitting of the bands glorious vision. It’s little wonder that the band have attracted the likes of Damien Hirst (artwork) and Sienna Miller (video) to be a part of the release. Music like this is direct, purposeful and engaging. It’s full of intent and speaks to the listener in a way in which very few bands can.

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