Smashing Pumpkins Will Not Release Anymore Albums

Smashing Pumpkins have announced that they will never release another album following the poor reception of their 2007 album 'Zeitgeist' and will now only release singles.

Frontman Billy Corgan told the Chicago Tribune newspaper: “We're done with 'Zeitgeist'. There is no point. People don't even listen to it all. They put it on their iPod, they drag over the two singles, and skip over the rest. Our primary function now is to be a singles band, that drives Pumpkins Inc through singles. We'll still be creative, but in a different form. We won't do [the same old] live shows [either], where we try to draw a good crowd and balance the past with the present. We'll go small and do exactly what we want to do and stop playing catalogue. We'll be like a new band that can't rely on old gimmicks. I'm not stupid. I want people to feel good about what we do”.

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