Bono Is A Nobel Man Of Peace

Bono was presented with a Nobel Man Of Peace prize (which is different from the actual Nobel Peace Prize) for his humanitarian, presumably as a result of him single handedly making poverty history. Yep, thanks to Bono there is no more poverty in the world- anywhere!

He was given his gong at an event in Paris in the presence of five former Nobel Peace Prize winners, and on receiving the prize he told his audience: “This is a very big award for me, because let's be honest this is as close as I am going to get – as close as a rock star is ever going to get to the Nobel Peace Prize. I am an over-awarded, over-rewarded rock star. You [the Peace Prize winners in attendance] are the people who do the real work. So I am very, very pleased to be in such esteemed company”.

Oh hang on, this just in, Bono didn't actually make poverty history, but he tried.

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