Lily Allen Admits Show Was Rubbish

Lily Allen has said her BBC Three chat show was a 5/10 programme, adding that it was a waste of licence fee payers' money. The Sun quotes Allen: “It was a period when I decided not to be a singer or go on tour. I made a lot of money out of it. Thank you, licence payers – that was very nice of you. You think Russell Brand is your problem. Actually, it's me”. Despite those comments, BBC Three have commissioned a second series of the show. Perhaps they're hoping that if they pull out all the stops they could have a 6/10 show this time round.

Elsewhere in Lily news, she's revealed that she wanted to collaborate with Take That and that they were up for it, but the collaboration was blocked by the Thaters' management. Lily: “I love Take That so much I ripped off one of their songs for my new album. I went to dinner and they were at the same restaurant. I went up and said, 'Hi, I've ripped off a song of yours'. I asked them to sing on it and they were like, 'Yes'. Elton [John] called Gary Barlow and asked him to do it but the manager said no”.

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