Courtney Love Apologises For Wearing Fur…Kind Of

There was a time when celebrities would 'rather go naked than wear fur'. However, they've now decided it's too cold for that and once again taken to wearing the skin of a dead animal, nice!

Writing on her famous Myspace blog, Courtney admits to being a “fur whore”.

Love writes: “My ancient Ermine – yep I’m a fur whore, if its 100 years old I’m fucking into it,” Love wrote.

“Sorry PETA. I've been very, very good for a very, very long time, and this Ermine is ancient and tattered and feels like it belonged to a Queen.

“I know, I know. Maybe I'll just stare at it, but fuck off if I wear it, I know what I'm doing.”

I'm sure PETA have forgiven all after such a hearfelt apology.

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