My Vitriol; Always Their Way

They say that the modern music loving public are a fickly bunch, after all, a mockery was made of the UK Christmas charts this year.

That is due to the fact that it was dominated by two unoriginal renditions of a song that has been available in many versions, since back when Newcastle United were a decent football team.
Bucking this trend is the Som Wardner fronted Nu /gazing old style grunge mixing, My Vitriol and their fans.

After releasing a stirring, searching and grinding debut album, ‘Finelines’ in 2001, remixing the album and a few single releases in in 2002, My Vitriol disappeared into a musical wilderness that few bands return out of. However, in 2007 through the ironically titled ‘Pyrrhic Victory EP’, the band and their fan-base demonstrated that they are getting stronger.

Som kindly agreed to uncover the veil on the thinking and the continuing return to prominence of one of London’s most authentic, gripping and honest alternative acts around at the moment.

1. During your now infamous hiatus did you take time to reflect on Finelines? What was your conclusion of that record? How difficult has it been to retain your song writing focus after your break? Have you fully recaptured it, did you have to take time to get to know each other musically again?

Som; I think back in 2002 I was probably too close to that record, to truly appreciate it. I think I associated it with quite a painful birth haha.

I guess it must have had quite a connection with some people as they are still very loyal to us now after all this time. The aim of the break was to feel fresh again… to do this because we WANTED to do it as opposed to HAVING to do it. We now have about 30 tracks we are trying to decide what to do with, and it feels great.

2. Was there a time during the hiatus when you thought that My Vitriol would not record another album together?

Som; Yes. I remember thinking, not to be afraid to let it all go forever. Only then would you really appreciate something… when you know you may lose it. And I discovered I really do love MV, it’s just we had all overdosed somewhat after 3 years of touring non stop.

3. Given the so-called fickle nature of our music industry, are you pleasantly surprised by the growing loyalty from your increasing fan-base?

Som; Yes, they are really quite incredible. I guess I should be so harsh on Finelines, as it really did seem to have a long term connection with some people out there! It is a shame that the music industry works more like the fashion industry than the art industry, but I’m can’t say I’m to bothered, we just do our own things, on our terms, and that’s that.

4. How important has your ‘Pyrrhic Victory EP’ release been in showing your return to form? How close is this release and ‘Finelines’, to the sound of your forthcoming 2nd album?

Som; It’s very hard for us to judge, as your perspective can get somewhat skewed by getting so close to the creative process. I want us to be the best we’ve been, sound the best we’ve sounded, and have the most fun we can whilst at it…and there will be always a lot to work on with that!

The new record has everything from blissed out tracks to more aggressive tracks. There is more synth on the record than ‘Finelines’ too. I guess the EP shows a side of that well.

5. How do you want to leave people feeling after they have witnessed a live My Vitriol show?

Som; Excited and inspired, as I feel that’s what life is about! It would be great if those who played instruments went home and wrote a song.

6. Do you think that the UK is still failing talented up and coming bands? In your experience are labels still letting too many genuinely talented UK alternative acts slip through the net?

Som; They do, but mainly as they tend to follow each other and fashion tends too much. So everything gets overdone in style.

I think they expect a lot of bands to be fully formed from the outset, which we certainly were not. I’m confident there are a lot of great new bands out there.

7. Which modern day band would you most like to share a stage with?

Som; I guess it would be great to play with MBV (My Bloody Valentine), I know Kevin, but it’s not the kinda thing you can ask; haha. I guess it would be cool, as it would juxtapose us to that whole scene, I feel we have similarities to the shoegaze scene but we had some distinct differences to that scene too, which could work together great.

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