Barefoot Confessor 'He Doesn't Love You' Video

Check out the new Barefoot Confessor video for he Doesn't Love You. This upcoming band have been described as:

“This new band is a very exciting prospect. Their front man looks like Dylan but sings like Springsteen while the band take on board the quirky chop of the tracks with a not so pretentious dollop of indie guitar valor. They’re a thinking mans guitar band, but don’t fall into shoegaze, rather their intelligence is met by their musical panache, making a sound that you can recline from, drawing from your pipe at the back of the venue, or gallop forwards and dance your inhibitions away to. They’re a strange mix of the quirkily complex and unbelievably catchy pop. You can image One Night Only singing ‘Urgency’, though you can also imagine the Beatles doing it, and now that’s exciting.”

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