ava – la la la

Ava Leigh-‘La la la’ single.

If you’re after a refreshing change from the drama that surrounds the likes of Lily Allen and Amy Wino then Ava Leigh could very well be the tonic to order.
Lighter than a super model helium balloon, ‘La la la’ follows a route similar to Gwen Stefani’s after No doubt: that ska, all trumpets and up-strokes pop song based around simple melodies, relaxed and unassumingly drilling in to your subconscious.
Ava Leigh never really strains or pushes her voice and instead wisely opts to stay within the sounds and bounce the melody across the surface.
Like a Jamaican Aero ‘La la la’ is light, simple and grooves right along into your mental playlist to sit comfortably into the lifting songs category.

Mark Cooper.

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