Guns N' Roses - Better
Album Review

Guns N’ Roses – Better

It received more publicity than the final of Strictly Come Dancing, unfortunately GUNS N’ ROSES first album since 1991, ‘Chinese Democracy’ also managed to come across as forced and clichéd as a Bruce Forsyth quip. This single ‘Better’, bears out some of the flaws of this supposed rejuvenation.

Building from a disjointed, atmospherically implanted beginning it relies too much on hollow, spiralling 70’s riffs and Axl’s tiring glam skirting vocal approach that was showing signs of tiring and becoming grating in 1991.

Unfortunately, Metallica B-side status would be a compliment rather than a put down for this incongruous offering.

For many, it was just enough for ‘Chinese Democracy’ to be out there, but patience will surely wane as they use snippets from it like ‘Better’, to keep it in lunchtime conversations at office, school, pub or university.


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