Bands: looking for airplay?

Limerick DJ Alan Jacques is making a call for bands from Ireland and the North to send in CDs for him to play on his Green and Live show.

Alan Jacques has made a call for bands and solo acts from Ireland and the North to send in music for possible inclusion on his Green and Live show, which is broadcast on Limerick Live 95FM every Sunday from 8-10pm.

Jacques is a firm supporter of Irish talent, and – aside from playing 100% Irish music on his show – he also organises regular gigs to promote local acts.

The Green and Live showcase gigs have previously featured the likes of R.S.A.G., Walter Mitty and the Realists, Ian Whitty and the Exchange, Supermodel Twins, Green Lights and More Tiny Giants.

Jacques has previously said he welcomes all CDs and demos, and “will gladly play them on the show – unless, of course, you are total and utter shite.”

If you think you fit the bill, send your CD to: Alan Jacques, Green and Live, Limerick Live 95FM, Radio House, Dock Road, Limerick.

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