City Paranoid - A Means To No End
Album Review

City Paranoid – A Means To No End

There is experimental music, and then there is blatant art projects that seem to exist in a large part to test our nerves. First of all there isn’t anything here that really is defined in the dictionary as music. There are sounds, and not musical sounds. Imagine listening to traffic in a tunnel, and then distort that sound to become like an echo, and then add maybe a high-pitched electronic transmitted sound and fade them in and out… and so on. We have a collection of sounds edited together and within each other.

As far as vocals go, there is the mutterings of a barely clear male voice. This is the kind of nightmarish soundscape you get on short B/W art videos – made to discern a listener/viewer. Quite what the point of a CD release is supposed to provide is with is beyond me.

Anyone who likes to collect really surreal sounds and artistic ventures on disc should check this out. Everyone else should park at the side of the road and go no further.

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