Sea Sick Steve - Hammersmith Apollo
Live Review

Sea Sick Steve – Hammersmith Apollo, London

Just what is that makes Sea Sick so popular, there isn’t another blues, folk artist that has such a mass appeal and to sell out the entire leg of his tour is quite an achievement, especially when, by his own admission two years ago nobody had heard of him. Now is a different story and he tells this and other cute ditties while belting out wonderful music from an individual stage setting complete with his own washing line and a Budweiser sign.

Steve appeals to all ages and has proved time and time again that music with such a great delivery has no age boundaries. Interspersed with tales of his hobo lifestyle and placing each song within the context it was written the music becomes real and personal. It is his personality that shines through at these live gigs, exceeded only by the quality of musicianship, which cry’s out with the inspiration of a life that only a hobo could lead. The sense of trains is a large theme throughout the music and the songs are eagerly anticipated by the crowd who are encouraged to join in at points under the careful guidance of Steve, most notably the encore when everybody joined in and left the performers to wave and cheer happily, content in the knowledge that the last show in this tour was a success. Fans know what to expect when attending a Sea Sick Steve show and he didn’t disappoint, lets hope he continues performing for some time to come.

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