Chris Martin Talks To Christian O'Connell

Chris Martin revealed that whilst the rest of the band are busy recording Coldplay's next album, he's been banned from the studio for two whole weeks!

So whilst the rest of the band are busy working on their next album, Chris came into Absolute Radio to perform an exclusive session and chat to Breakfast Show DJ Christian O'Connell.
Chris told O'Connell that the band received a letter from Viva La Vida producer Brian Eno who is working on the bands new album with them; “The letter was to all of us he said that he thought the last album was OK but it could have been much better. He said that he still wanted to work with us on the next album but that I was banned from the studio! He said that it would be better without me for the first two weeks – 'you can do better without the singer'! He said. It has turned out to be a good idea though because the band's been free to try out loads of weird things without me getting in the way.”

Christian then asked what Chris what he had been up to while the rest of the band had been recording and Chris mysteriously replied “I've been working lots of other people's music – I've been really busy…” but the singer didn't reveal just who those people were…

While the world is struggling in this tough economic climate it seems that Chris is already thinking about another possible source of income – as a body double for Piers Brosnan! He told Christian “If I had to re-train it would be as a body model for Madame Tussauds! I'd let them model Piers Brosnan's body on mine. Whenever they needed a six foot something man's body they could use mine. If they were doing an Amy Winehouse then I'd have to sit that one out though.”

Chris Martin performed four tracks starting with three on the piano – The Scientist, Viva La Vida and Life in Technicolour. He seemed very humble as he moved onto the guitar apologising to the audience saying “I've only got one act – this is all there is! This next track I'm going to play is Violet Hill. I'm going to do it on the guitar though and I've not done this before – it's an exclusive! People like exclusives. It basically means that it's not going to be very good though and that I won't do it again!”

Chris was in high spirits as he performed in front of an audience of just 40 people, bantering with Christian O'Connell telling him that he was only his second favourite DJ and that he far preferred being interviewed by another Absolute Radio DJ by Ben Jones! “Well Ben's my favourite and I'd rather be here with him but you'll do. You're my second favourite.”

He also bantered with audience members, as one lucky competition winner shouted out from the audience Chris Martin brought him to the front of the crowd like a naughty little school boy, and asked him if he had any requests; “What song do you want me to play? That's if you are a real Coldplay fan.. And what's your name anyway?”

The listener replied that his name was also Chris and that he'd like Chris to play The Scientist “Oh I see, we've got another Chris here, that's why there's this little ego battle going on isn't it…. Which by the way I've won!” He then graciously went on to play The Scientist beautifully.

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