I H8 Camera - Vol. 1
Album Review

I H8 Camera – Vol. 1

Described as an all star Belgian jam band – and with members crossing a broad spectrum of music and tastes- it seems like venture put together for the love of, well, a jam. It’s also a chaos ridden mess in places. But then Jazz infused nonsensical get-togethers like this were never meant to make much sense to the ear.
What’s very bothersome about this release is that it runs as one track – for over 50 minutes!
That’s one hell of long track that goes all over the place!

Almost like a theme park ride it is hitting highs and lows with people coming and going, and it is going around and around and up and down, and then you get off just as it is making for a bit of a headache, and in the end where you just want to fall to the ground and vomit. And then you get your head straight, stand up, and glare with horror at the sign. It says: Volume 1.

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