Go Beth, Go Beth…

Beth Ditto in naked shocker! Ok, maybe not shocker – I've seen Beth Ditto naked more times than I've seen myself naked. Anyway, last week's editorial covered The Brit awards which somehow managed to over shadow Beth's nakedness. Ditto last posed in the nude for the NME back in 2007. Which, in turn prompted Germaine Greer to comment that:

“Her intention is to force acceptance of her body type, 5ft tall and 15 stone, and by this strategy to challenge the conventional imagery of women.”

This time Beth was posing in new fashion magazine Love, the feature being ' Icons Of Our Generation' which hit the shelves last week. I would imgaine, generally speaking, that women love Beth getting naked as it makes a change from constantly having size zeros with fake breasts shoved down your throat, so to speak. Whereas men probably go urgh and then proceed to make sexist comments about womens bodies.

In all honesty I love Beth getting her baps out because it's so in your face. This 15 stone woman not giving a damn about the fact she's not rake thin and proving that she's still a sexual being, even if she does weigh more than 8 stone. Society has forced women to become so obessed with weight issues that it is becoming increasingly more worrying as to the affect it's having. Has our culture become so image obsessed people are fogetting that there's more to life than how much you weigh? So quite frankly Beth is a breath of fresh air.

So why are we so bewildered by Beth? Is it because magazines virtually never hold up larger women as of being any interest? Is it because men take offence to a larger woman being sexual? Is it simply because she's 15 stone and naked? If it was Kate Moss no-one would bat an eyelid. Quite simply if you're fat and you get naked everyone gets in a tizz. Apart from me, I love it and think she should do it more often.

On a more serious note, people should really focus on whether they are healthy or not. Being thin doesn't mean you're healthy, especially if your hair and teeth are falling out because you're getting enough nourishment. So being underweight is just as detrimental to one's health as being overweight.

So, on our big fat ass website this week we have news and reviews. An interview with Pure Reason Revolution, who release their second album on the 9th March. You can also be in with a chance of winning The BPA album, which was released 2nd March. Our featured artist this week is Kish Mauve. Their songs have been featured on the Kate Moss Rimmel adverts, they've had songs played on US TV show 'Dirty Sexy Money' and they've worked with Kylie. Their AA side single Come On/ Morphine was released on the 2nd March. The accompanying video is featured on the site for you to have a nosey at.

We also have gigs a go-go with The Bishops, Pure Reason Revolution, Rob McCulloch, Pete and the Pirates, Deaf Havana & All Forgotten and last but not least Dave McPherson.

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