Jacko Is Backo

What’s the hottest news in the music world this week? Almost certainly Michael Jackson with his enormous O2 Arena residency, with further dates expected to be announced on top due to phenomenal demand.

So what is the general consensus on the man? It seems he may be the one man in the world who can be forgiven for any hint of impropriety with children. Far be it from me to cast any aspersion on him, I have no clue either way, the cases were never brought to a criminal court, and even settling with compensation out of court is not a shut and closed case of guilt.

But generally anyone remotely connected to child molestation – even if proved innocent in a court of law – will find it hard to come back and have any success in the public spotlight. MJ however, seems to be a particular case. His actions of admittedly sleeping in the same bed as children, are not seen as perverted or erotic, but naïve and innocent, with his much highlighted childhood as the acceptable reason for his eccentricities.

I don’t think I have seen one mainstream journalist actually blame him for these actions – every commentary or editorial I have seen has been of a merciful nature, seemingly able to excuse him and pass it all off as foolishness; and this includes better journalists than me at that (although my daily reading material is generally limited to the Mirror and the Star).

Anyway, releasing myself from this political and legal quagmire you have to admit that his talent is genius and I am even considering purchasing a ticket in case I can’t wangle a freebie. The dates begin on 8th July – with 10 announced, but expected to grow to as many as 25 dates. Tickets go on sale on March 13th.

Now, back to the real world.
This week the DEAF HAVANA & ALL FORGOTTEN tour starts – it hits Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, then London next week. DAVE McPHERSON of InMe singer fame is out doing some intimate solo acoustic shows – we have him in Manchester and Liverpool. Then to continue the rock theme of the week we have EXIT TEN arriving in Liverpool for what will probably be a sell out show! London have THE PHILBYS and FRANKO on together and Reading have PETE AND THE PIRATES doing a hometown sold out show before heading off to SXSW, don’t forget the infamous GOLDIE LOOKIN’ CHAIN are also appearing in Reading in what, I sincerely think, will be a legendary performance in a tiny venue. Be up close to the crew.

Leanne will probably come back and fill you in on what is going on site wise as I am merely filling in with writing this. Bye for now.

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