John Dahlback Interview

Cream Easter Special 2009
John Dahlback Interview

So you will be popping your Cream Cherry at our Easter Special, are you excited about it?

I’m very excited! It’s my first Cream event and I’m sure it’s going to be great!

What can we expect from your set?

I have loads of new music that I will be trying out, both from my friends and me. I always want to create a nice vibe in clubs, so expect a lot of good music!

Have you ever played in Liverpool before?

No it will be my first time and I’m very excited.

You are one of the most up and coming DJs to come out of Sweden, does the country have anything to do with the talent coming out?

Well Sweden is a very calm country. People can really concentrate and do what they want here, so I believe that it’s coming so much great music because that people are very focused on what they do.

Is there a big Dance music Scene in Sweden, would you recommend it as a place to visit if you want to party?

Well, both yes and no. We have a few good months here, where a lot of big DJ’s come over, but most of the time it’s very quite. But it’s getting better and better. More and more kids are getting involved in the scene so the future looks bright.

You started producing very early in your DJ career and have released tracks on some of the most respected music labels including Turbo & Silverplanet, do you see it as something that goes hand in hand with the DJing?

When I started to produce I didn’t really think that I was going to be a successful DJ, so I focused on the music only. But then I realized that I had to get out there and play, something that I discovered was great fun! It’s really funny to see that when I’ve had a successful record out, people demand to hear it! So the better music I make, the better gigs I have.

You also have 3 of your own labels Pickadoll, Dahlbäck Recordings and Jackmoves. Do you feel proud to achieved so much at such a young age?

Of course. I had a rough time in the beginning, constantly trying to convince people that even though I was young, I made proper music. It’s good now though, I’ve found my sound and I’m very happy that I started at a young age.

Do you enjoy the independence that having your own label allows you when making music?

Yes, it has a lot of perks. I feel very free, releasing music that I love. I like to see things become bigger and bigger like Pickadoll; started with nothing except great music.

What do you see as your main strengths as a producer?

Probably that I’m so focused when I’m in the studio. And I have been like that my whole life, very concentrated and I have always known what I wanted to do. I get that vision, even in the beginning of a beat, of how I want the track to proceed.

In your opinion is a DJ a star today? Or does he have to be more than just a DJ? What do you think of the superstar DJ phenomenon?

Some DJ’s are definitely stars today. And I like that idea if they keep playing music they love and don’t think too much of how to act like a star. It’s not about trying to find special things to DJ, it’s more like a showcase: this is me and this is my music.

What has 2009 got in store for you?

My next album is pretty much done now. I’ve put a lot of effort in it but I knew it was going to be worth it. Besides that, I will continue to DJ in areas that I haven’t been to before, like America.

How do you maintain so much energy when you are constantly flying around the world?

It’s hard but I have decided not to play too much. I want to keep everything on a nice level because I don’t want to get tired of it. I also sleep a lot before and after a gig so that might help the energy as well ha-ha.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

It’s hard to say, especially since the industry is what it is at the moment. But I’d love to stay producing music and DJ. Even if house music doesn’t exists (who knows?) I would like to keep doing music of course!

Is there an all-time favourite track you wish you'd produced?

Oh there are a lot! But I’m also very proud of my own music, and a lot of the tracks are definitely in my favourite-box.

What is the most interesting comment you have heard about your music?

I think the best comment I’ve had was a guy saying a track changed his life. I don’t know if he was honest, but still it felt really good!

What’s the single most exciting thing about dance music at the moment in your opinion?

The most exciting thing at the moment is definitely the digital distribution. Vinyl is going down and I’m very interested in what will happen, how the music will continue.

What inspires you?

A lot of things! People around me, sounds I hear in music, buying a new synth, new cities etc. An example is Ibiza; it’s something with that island that makes my music sounds different every time I get back home.

As part of the new generation of house music DJs, what advice would you give to anyone trying to get started?

It’s hard to be just a DJ these days. You really need to have your music sorted to become a successful DJ. The new generation really has some pressure to make something new and exciting.

Finally, what can the Cream crowds expect at Easter to get them excited?

New, fresh, cool music I’ve done lately! I’m sure that’s going to set the party right!

John Dahlback performs at Cream’s Easter Special @ Nation on Sunday 12th April Bank Holiday Weekend, alongside David Guetta, Eddie Halliwell, Mauro Picotto + many more. Tickets on sale now £23.50+BF / Tel: 0844 888 4401, Info: link

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