Heavenly Creatures - New Blood - Part II
Album Review

Heavenly Creatures – New Blood – Part II

The first half of this ambient gothic work came out in early 2008, and here as promised is the second half, 7 tracks blending the moody, ethereal and wondrous compositions of its master, Dr Ohm. Hailing from France, there is a distinct “French” Quality about his work in much of the orchestrations, but ultimately what takes over is the dark moods and ambient swings that he creates, ably backed up by a small team of musicians and vocal artists.

Part two begins with a very Tubular Bells sounding “Snowflakes,” immediately demonstrating the artist’s range and ear for putting sounds together. This is followed by the vocal lead track by Heavenly Creatures favourite “Dae Noctem.” Fans of New Blood Part I will begin to see a familiarity of blending instrumental ethereal pieces, with more vocal lead ambient dance beat numbers. Although the second instalment is much more instrumental than the first.

A real stand out for how well this composer can orchestrate beautiful music come mid way with “One past life.” An electric string-laden affair that is pure fairytale music (Piano, synths, electric Harp all present and beautifully surrounded by a soft choir). Part I had its own instrumental masterpieces and Part 2 doesn’t drop the ball. This is perhaps an area of work he may want to think about pushing hard in the entertainment industry as it’s bound to get noticed by someone quick.

This release is also available with part one in a limited edition.

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