Delta Spirit - Ode To The Sunshine
Album Review

Delta Spirit – Ode To The Sunshine

That’s what we want. Grab a couple of guitars, a decent drummer, A heavy pianist and a load vocalist who sounds like he smokes more than he practises singing, and the outcome is this ace call back to some of the best rock ‘n roll you’re likely to hear this year. Despite the bands name sounding like Chuck Norris should be the lead singer, and the album cover looking a bit like the south American Baddie Chuck is chasing on his private yacht; Delta Spirit have produced a fantastic album.

Even when the music turns from the rock and becomes more like the quiet balled “House Built for Two” there is a strong sense of talent from all involved. Later on they even demonstrate what an acoustical dream they can be too.

The combination of styles and rhythms keep this 11 track beauty flowing from start to end without ever getting boring. Quick! Find them now and go see them! A band this good on disc must be truly awesome live!

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