DJ Sasha Interview

You’re an adopted member of the Cream family, and always a firm favourite at Creamfields, do you think Northern crowds are different from others?

It’s always wonderful coming back to Liverpool, I got such a long history with that part of the world, all the amazing nights that I used to have at Cream, and even before that. I’ve got a lot of friends, and of course the Cream family, so it’s always brilliant to come back and catch up with them all in the area.

What are you working on right now?

Right now I’ve just done a couple of remixes. I’ve done a Nokia computer game that’s coming out this year, called Snakes. And then also, I’ve done a couple of remixes, I’ve remixed the Doves single.

How do you choose the tracks that you want to remix, do they come to you, or do just hear something you like and get in touch?

Because remixing isn’t really the core of my business anymore, like in the 90s I used to spend most of my year in the studio remixing. Normally it’s a case of I hear something that I really like and feel I can do something with it, and I call them up asking if it’s cool?

A lot of artistes of your stature have moved into scoring music for films, is this something you can see yourself doing? You mentioned the computer game?

I mean, you’ve got to look to other places to try and bring revenue in from music, because obviously the physical sales of records now, as everyone knows is dwindling away. By incorporating your music into film & TV or computer games, adverts, it’s a new way to make money out of your music, so it’s definitely something that I’ve got my eye on.

You’re one of the few DJ’s who has remained at the top of his game for the last 15 years, what’s the secret of your success?

You have to adapt to business, the music industry is completely different to how it was 10-15 years ago, so you have to adapt to it and doing stuff for computer games and adverts and stuff is a different angle.

You’re responsible for pioneering a new form of mixing with your Ableton system, how did this come about?

Well it is a piece of software that I use in the studio to actually write music and I just realized that it’s a very powerful tool to have as a DJ so I started messing around with it and I built my own controller for it, and it’s changed the way that I play completely really.

Do you find that when you’re in the studio you want to be out on the decks and vice versa?

I really do enjoy my time in the studio because I have a normal routine, I get up at a normal time, and I go to bed at a normal time. It’s like my office job, I really do enjoy the routine. The thing is as soon as you’ve finished a record that you’re really proud of and buzzing off the first thing that you want to do is go out and play it. It’s a balance and something that I have struggled with all the way through my career, really trying to balance how much time to spend in the radio and how much on the road.

Do you go clubbing socially yourself now? Do you enjoy hearing another DJ’s drop your track and see the crowd’s reaction?

Of course, it’s always a real compliment when another DJ plays your record. I don’t really get to go out that much, cause most weekends I’m working myself, so it’s pretty rare I get to go clubbing myself.

What are you festival essentials?

Wellies, wet wipes and a bottle of vodka.

What 3 acts would sum up your ultimate festival line up? Dead or alive?

The Chemical Brothers always absolutely bring down the house. They are one of the best festival acts. Probably Jimi Hendrix & Radiohead.

Creamfields quote
I’m just really glad to be back

Soon you will be back in Ibiza playing at Cream @ Amnesia, any new surprise for this summer?

Surprises? I don’t know, I’m just really excited to be doing it, almost like a residency there as I had such a good time playing there last year at Amnesia, I really like the club and the Cream night, it’s probably the best night for the British crowd. I’m just excited to be doing something regularly.

b>Will you be changing your sound out there this year?

It seems to change every couple of weeks, I think sound wise things haven’t changed dramatically, last year I felt, was a really big change in musical direction. A lot of melodies and a lot of warm sounding records came out last year, and changed the direction of the sound quite a lot. So I think this year will be an evolution from last year.

Do you feel that the island affects your sound, especially with such an international crowd?

Like I said, I definitely lead towards playing melodic stuff in Ibiza, for sure. Maybe a little more so than other places.

You’re performing for Cream @ Amnesia this summer for a series of shows on the Terrace, what do you think of the new ‘Terrace’ Refurb?

Well, I mean that’s why I’m doing the shows, I just really really liked it, and I really like that room, they’ve done a brilliant job with it, so when I got the opportunity to do some regular shows, I jumped at it.

Do you prefer to DJ in the Main Room or the Terrace @ Amnesia?

The main rooms amazing as well, that and the main room at Space are the best ones on the Island, I definitely like the vibe on the Terrace as well though.

And lastly, you’re performing with John Digweed @ Cream on May 22nd to perform back 2 back for the first in nearly a decade, what made you choose Cream in Liverpool as one of the few chosen venues for this special gig?

That was an obvious choice really, like I said before, the history that we have in Liverpool and with Cream, we go back such a long way. That weekend we just wanted to do a little UK tour. I’m really excited to be on the road with John in the UK, it’s been a very long time!

Sasha performs alongside John Digweed @ Cream on Friday 22nd May. Tickets on sale now link

Sasha performs in the Subliminal Arena @ Creamfields on Sunday 30th August Bank Holiday weekend. Tickets on sale now Tel: 0844 888 4401 / link / Info: link

Sasha performs for Cream @ Amnesia in Ibiza throughout the Summer, tickets available to purchase now from the UK link / link

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