Marmaduke Duke - Duke Pandemonium
Album Review

Marmaduke Duke – Duke Pandemonium

For those not in the know, the Duke Marmaduke is none other than Biffy Clyro’s very own Simon Neil’s side project.

‘Duke Pandemonium’ marks the second release in what is a planned trilogy by the Scottish outfit, the first of which was merely “The Magnificent Duke Captains of Industry” released in 2005.

The current release chronicles The Dukes rise from the ashes of his maniacal origins chronicled in their debut opus. Neil and his cohort JP Reid, who work under the pseudonyms ‘The Atmosphere’ and ‘The Dragon’, create a hedonistic mix of trance-laden rock with a collection of jarring rhythms and synth-based tracks that culminate in what might be described as a conjuncture into David Lynch territory.

Merely reading the tracklisting for the album gives you a small insight into the complete insane genius powering this release, ‘Erotic Robotic’, ‘Je Suis Un Funky Homme’ and ‘Skin The Mofo’ among my favourites showcasing the varied styles utilised in creating what is essential a veritable smorgasbord of audio delights.

‘Rubber Lover’ has a distinctly Daft Punk sound as it becomes the subsidiary to The Atmospheres’ vocals. It is somewhat charming to hear the Scots use the phrase “girl” in a way normally reserved and those of an African American persuasion, not skinny white boys from Ayrshire. They do pay homage to their heritage however in ‘Erotic Robotic’, with the simply fantastic line “Erotic Robotic, despite the accent we are Scottish” which may be a dig at the fact Neil’s band Biffy Clyro have been compared or mistaken numerous times over to American bands.

This review would not be complete without mentioning the sheer funky disco-ness of ‘Je Suis Un Funy Homme’, a song the Gibb Brothers would be proud of.

There is no attempt to distance themselves or even amalgamate to their former bands as the Duke Marmaduke exist purely in their own rights here.

The third installment & final chapter is expected in 2011 entitled ‘Death of The Duke’, and if it is anything like its predecessors than all I can say is Long live the Duke! A fantastic release.

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