Multi Purpose Chemical : The Last Goodbye?

For many ardent metal fans 2009's HUB festival will be remembered as the grand farewell to one of it's finest performers. News at Easter that the city's 'bounciest thrash band' were to disband put all the more emphasis on their final appearance at this weekend's outdoor extravaganza.

Andres Lefevre is one of music's most energetic and likeable frontmen. We caught up with Multi Purpose Chemical's ever-jovial, much loved and soon-to-be missed vocalist.

Is this the end of the road for Multi Purpose Chemical? Why?

There’ll never be ending to something that has had so much meaning to us and hopefully to the people that have enjoyed our shows. We’re just going to Mars for a bit.

Although it may be too early has there been any thought into whether the other members intend to continue? What does the future hold for MPC?

No plans at the moment but we’re always open to suggestions. I’d love a crazy party type front man, an alcoholic, cocaine driven lead singer that has no qualms about getting what he wants at all costs. Now that George Bush is free we think he’d be a perfect for MPC.

How big an occasion will May 24th now be?

Oh it’s going to be Big. It will be probably the first and last time that Liverpool can have breakfast with MPC. We’re playing at 11:30am so it’s going to be a tough gig to make, for us that is. We’ll probably have to pull an all nighter.

When and how did MPC start out?

After touring Italy for 6 months teaching tiny Italian youths English through theatre we decided to head to Liverpool because it was a cheap and a sea of college girls to choose from. Our first gig was at the Masque, September 27th 2002 (or there about). Rob and I had a green, plastic saxophone, an electric guitar, a hand drum and two boxes of wine. We dedicated a song we wrote on the spot called ‘Bitch’ to 50ma, the band that followed us, which happened to have Jim our future bass player and Ross our future drummer. We joined forces and continued to drink boxes of wine and many purposeful chemicals until we decided we should take this unserious thing more seriously.

How long have you been together?

MPC 1.0 with Jim and me, Rob and Ross started in early 2003. Then MPC 2.0 with Rob, Jim, Mel and I started in the summer of 2007, until Rob went crazy and left to do soft porn in London. MPC Ultimate Edition started April 2008 and consists of Jim, Ad, Mel and I. It’s been an awesome run.

Are there any regrets? If you could do anything differently what would you do?

If we could do anything differently I think we should have toured more. I really think we should have made the leap to more countries in Europe and across the pond to the States. Also we probably shouldn’t have eaten as much KFC or caused the credit crisis.

You have had some members over the years. How are those relationships now? With Rob, Ross in particular…

Believe it or not our relationships with Rob and Ross are nonexistent. We get updates every once in a while from Rob’s dad, Dave but other than that nix nix.

Looking back, what have been the highlights of Multi Purpose Chemical? What has been your proudest moment?

Playing the London Astoria at our own Mean Fiddler gig was a wicked highlight. Going on tour with the Skindred and Dub Trio guys was definitely up there as a top, top memory. It’s all been great though, every gig has an interesting story and a highlight, sometimes it’s just the food we eat or the people we meet.

What do you think you have achieved as a band?

I think we’ve accomplished shit loads considering we started as a drunken raunchy side show and have progressed into a musically mature, entertaining, drunken, raunchy main act.

Do you plan to continue?

Entertaining? Most definitely, we shall continue until we can go no longer. I’m sure we’ll all stay in the game in some form or other. In what form will it manifest only the stars know.

Is there anything you want to say to the fans that cannot wait until May 24th?

Get to the Hub. There will not be any more MPC action for a long, long while. Oh and bring your own fry up because it’s an early one!

Multi Purpose Chemical, Live @ HUB Festival, Wellington Dock, Liverpool, 11:30am, Sunday 24th May 2009.

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