Latitude Interviews Part 1: White Lies

Here's the first instalment of interviews carried out with some of the performers at this year's Latitude festival…

Jack from White Lies takes time out for a quick chat about this year's Latitude Festival.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at this year's Latitude festival across the Arenas (Obelisk, Uncut, Comedy, Theatre, Literary and
Poetry, Film & Music) and why?

Wow, so many acts I would love to see this year. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Grace Jones, Spiritualized and Bat For Lashes are the big names for me. Also, there's a few acts who I have close ties with through my Chess Club
record label and promotions, who are brilliant, and they are Post War Years and Kurran and the Wolfnotes.

What aspect of Latitude Festival interests you the most and why?

Colourful sheep. Stages in the forest. Boat rides. Because there aren't many
festivals I know where you can enjoy such pleasures.

What can people expect you to bring to the festival and do you have anything special planned?

I think we'll be aiming to fill the stage with our performance, and hopefully rouse some emotion with our songs. I don't think we'll have too
many fancy gimmicks in the show but I know we'll play with 100% commitment and conviction. And when we do that we always have a great show. We also have a fantastic slot and we'll be making the most of it, and hopefully channeling our nerves to a good use!

If you weren't doing this what would you be doing?

If I wasn't playing with White Lies I think I'd be searching for a different creative outlet. I take my photography pretty seriously, and I've also just got into making short films, with the aid of my trusty super 8 camera. Although without White Lies I probably wouldn't have such interesting people and places to capture, so who knows!

What do you always bring to a festival?

So much underwear it's obscene. And Frosties cereal bars.

Have you been to Latitude before, and if so, what has your favourite performance been?

We were lucky enough to play Latitude last year, and stay for pretty much the whole weekend. I really enjoyed Crystal Castles set in the middle of the forest, and also The Do's set there too.

Do you have any festival tips for those in attendance at Latitude?

Eat lot's of food there, it seems to be much better than the usual festival
fodder. Explore the forest a bit too, it's an amazing place to be after dark
and definitely take a boat ride.

What is your favourite colour Sheep?

The purple ones last year looked like they were having the best time.

White Lies play the Obelisk Arena at this year's festival which takes place over the 16th – 19th July.

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