Latitude Interviews Part 3: Pippa Evans

Comedian Pippa Evans chats about Latitude and graffitied sheep…

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at this year's Latitude festival across the Arenas (Obelisk, Uncut, Comedy, Theatre, Literary and
Poetry, Film & Music) and why?

I am looking forward to seeing my good friends School of Night, who will bringing the spirit of Ken Campbell to the festival and I can, without a
doubt, say they will be awesome!

What aspect of Latitude Festival interests you the most and why?

I liked the quote last year that “If Radio 4 were to do a festival, this would be it”. I am hoping there will be interactive Archers and Desert
Island Disks. I am hoping to find at least one stall dedicated entirely to hummus

What can people expect you to bring to the festival and do you have anything special planned?

Yes – there will be singing along involved. I like a good old knees up and if you like a bit of old fashioned entertainment – I am your gal!

If you weren't doing this what would you be doing?

What do you mean by “this”? If you mean answering this questionnaire, I would be tapping away at the new Edinburgh show. If you mean “the festival”
I would be trying to blag a ticket to get in anyway. And if you mean “comedy” oh well, that is hard. I have done so many jobs to support me in
comedy, I would have a range to choose from – I could go back to wearing a sandwich board on Kings Street, Hammersmith, if I was lucky. Or find
seasonal work as an Elf in Harrods. That was fun – free cookies all day long!

What do you always bring to a festival?

Wet wipes. And an inflatable mattress. And a friend so I don't get lonely.

Have you been to Latitude before, and if so, what has your favourite performance been?

No – I am a latitude virgin. EXCITING TIMES.

Do you have any festival tips for those in attendance at Latitude?

Don't drink any liquids so you never need to use the loo. You will collapse at some point, but then you get to sleep in the First Aid tent. You wouldn't have to bring any bedding with you at all!

What is your favourite colour Sheep?

I like the ones that look like they have been graffitied.

Pippa Evans performs at the Cabaret Arena at this year's Latitude Festival taking place between the 16th-19th July.

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