Latitude Interviews Part 4: Yes, Giantess

Jan Rosenfeld from Yes, Giantess takes five minutes to answer a few Latitude themed questions for Glasswerk…

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at this year's Latitude festival across the Arenas (Obelisk, Uncut, Comedy, Theatre, Literary and
Poetry, Film & Music) and why?

I'm super excited to catch Mew – I've never seen them live and am really interested in how epic they could potentially sound in an arena.

What aspect of Latitude Festival interests you the most and why?

The setting – I've already got beautiful images floating around in my head.

What can people expect you to bring to the festival and do you have anything special planned?

We're going to start a disco in the middle of the woods. We might even have a very special cover thrown in there.

If you weren't doing this what would you be doing?

Probably writing for newspapers and magazines.

What do you always bring to a festival?

Always bring a huge bottle of water. Half for drinking, half for spraying people.

Have you been to Latitude before, and if so, what has your favourite performance been?

Never been! So pumped!

Do you have any festival tips for those in attendance at Latitude?

Don't you have to take a boat to get there? Don't miss that boat!!

What is your favourite colour Sheep?

Absolutely blue.

Catch Yes, Giantess at the Sunrise Arena at this year's Latitude Festival which takes place 16th-19th July.

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