Latitude Interviews Part 5: Richard Milward

Author Richard Milward takes time out to chat about Latitude…

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at this year's Latitude festival across the Arenas (Obelisk, Uncut, Comedy, Theatre, Literary and
Poetry, Film & Music) and why?

Spiritualized, Regina Spektor, Bishi, Wild Beasts – I've seen Bishi and Wild Beasts before and love Spiritualized and Regina, also looking forward to the comedy. It was cracking in 2007, but mostly looking forward to milling about, running into things I'd never expected. It's all bound to be a treat!

What aspect of Latitude Festival interests you the most and why?

I like how it's easy to wander from stage to stage, so it's difficult to miss things you want to see. Plus there's fun to be had round the clock, depending on what you're into. It seems like an intimate festival, and yet it brings in huge bands – it really is the best festival I've been to, so far.

What can people expect you to bring to the festival and do you have anything special planned?

I like putting on a bit of a performance, so I read my novel ('Ten Storey Love Song') with a psychedelic cartoon cardboard block of flats on my head, some author's readings, I find, can be a little stale – ie, I'm aware most audiences have a short-ish attention span when it comes to hearing someone read from their novel, so I like having a bit of a laugh with it. If I'm enjoying myself on stage, hopefully people in the audience will enjoy it too.

If you weren't doing this what would you be doing?

Probably scribbling away in my shady bedroom, missing all the sunshine.

What do you always bring to a festival?

I think you can't fall off if you've got wellies and suntan lotion for the two extremes of festival weather!

Have you been to Latitude before, and if so, what has your favourite performance been?

I performed at Latitude 2007, it was a blast! I loved Gruff Rhys – especially how he went to town with the backdrop of the Air Cabin crew. It
was mind-blowing, really psychedelic, and hadn't heard much of his solo stuff before.

Do you have any festival tips for those in attendance at Latitude?

Get there early, have a good wander about, because every corner has some sort of buzz to it which can be overlooked if you don't venture far enough.

What is your favourite colour Sheep?

Er, scarlet red would be a buzz, on the backdrop of green green grass. It would tickle your retinas!

Richard Milward performs at the Literary Arena at this year's Latitude Festival which takes place 16th – 19th July.

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