Aeroplane  Interview

Aeroplane Interview

Aeroplane are busy preparing for this year's Creamfields, however, they kindly took time out for a quick chat…

Coming over from Belgium to Creamfields in the UK, what do you already know about the festival?

Let’s say we know it from the magazines for the past years, it will be our first appearance on the festival.

What do you love most about performing at a festival?

We like to hang around & see other bands that could inspire us.

You will be playing on the brand new Mixmag terrace, what can we expect from your set?

Expect the unexpected, we like to take it more on a vibe way then let say a banging way : )

Would you recommend Belgium as a place for clubbers to visit?

There’s always been good Club’s, promoters en party’s around. Let say we have an open mind on music over here : )

Your music is a mix of psychedelic guitars, pop keys, melancholic waves, disco beats & catchy bass lines, do you create these sounds by playing any instruments yourselves?

Definitely, off course were inspired by lots of things from the past, but we like to take it to a new fresh level.

You have done some great remixes of big names such as MGMT, Cut Copy & Grace Jones, who are you planning to work on next?

Were currently working on a remix for Au Revoir Simone & Doves, but the most important thing for us > our debut album.

What do you love so much about remixing and being able to play with other people’s music?

We try to make it better then it already is : )

What do you look for in a track to remix?

A catchy pop tune!

What do you see as your main strengths as producers?

Oooh, hard to say : ) let say our approach in sound & tempo is different : )

You are currently working in the studio, what direction is your music taking?

Still a secret, but 100% Aeroplane : )

Do you draw from your eclectic musical influences when in the studio?

Sure, were inspired by loads of music.

What is the most interesting comment you have heard a DJ say about your music?

Were mostly surprised by the comments we get from all these producers who make music in a complete different style like we do, people like A-Trak, Soulwax etc

Do you prefer being in the studio or out in front of the crowds?

There’s 2 of us, its clear that one of prefers to be in the studio all the time, find out for yourself who : )

Will you be taking time to go around the festival to see other acts?


What are your festival essentials?

Hospitality, Rider, Food & Drinks!

Finally, could you give us a quote on Creamfields?

The first time, hopefully not the last time!

Aeroplane perform on the Mixmag Terrace on Sunday 30th August – Bank Holiday Weekend.
Tickets on sale now Tel: 0844 888 4401 / link / Info: link

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