Sound Of Guns Interview

Sound Of Guns Interview

This Saturday, 15th August, Sound Of Guns headline Acad Fest at Liverpool O2 Academy. Here they take time out to chat with Glasswerk.

What has been the highlight of your year so far?

We have had a really good year so far but I would have to say playing four shows at Glastonbury was pretty amazing. But releasing our debut single, playing the mainstage at Latitude and recording for Radio 1 at Madia Vale are all up there as well.

What do you look forward the most to playing Liverpool?

The crowd response is always good in Liverpool, everyone really gets into it, singing the songs back to us. Also we can go to the Swan for a Wobbly Bob after the gig.

Anything fancy planned for Acadfest? Maybe new or old tracks or costumes?

We dont do costumes (Yet) but we are definitely going to play a couple of new tracks for the first time.

Which is the worst band member to share a dressing room with?

We are all annoying in equal measure.

What would say to people who have not seen you play before?

We try and make every gig we do special, for the audience and for ourselves. There is always a good vibe when we play and the performance has alot of energy.

What will you be asking for on your rider?

Whisky, beer and a live snake to entertain Nathan.

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