Preston - Dresed To Kill
Album Review

Preston – Dresed To Kill

Preston, formally of the Ordinary Boys and reality TV for those who watch that, has decided he wants to be a pop star. Having called a stop on his old band in 2008 before their time, he’s since been working away in his studio on his new found dream of pop superstardom. His first offering is the single “Dressed to Kill”, released as a taster to his forthcoming solo album “Whatever Forever”.

The main question is what is the biggest surprise, the pop star ambition, or the fact that he’s actually not all that bad? “Dressed to Kill” is like a mash-up of Calvin Harris and Adam Ant, it has enough electrobeats to fill a dancefloor and a ridiculously catchy chorus that filters into your brain almost without you noticing.

While it might not be pop gold it’s a good “debut” attempt that might even get a decent showing in the charts. Assuming he’s saved the best for later, there’s no doubt we’ll be hearing more from pop-Preston before the year is out.

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