Razorblade Kisses - Ballerina/The Butterfly
Album Review

Razorblade Kisses – Ballerina/The Butterfly

Razorblade Kisses are a gothic rock band, creating music with an otherworldly eeriness. Each of the two songs on this release is presented by female vocals of Layla Gordon and Azadeh Brown. On the first, ‘Ballerina’ the vocals are practically spoken and even with the two overlapping vocals within the chorus the two are completely harmonious. On the second tune, ‘The Butterfly’ there is very little distinction between the two vocals, so much so it is hard to tell at times if there is an echo or actually two vocals.

Where music is concerned, these two tracks are very different. ‘Ballerina’ is like something you would hear on a Lost Boys Soundtrack or in a strange West End Musical as it opens with some sparkling tings hidden in the background with some added strings, dark atmospheric tones and a supernatural effect. ‘The Butterfly’ on the other hand has more melody than the previous song. It is gentler with a sense of mystery. There is a very light feel the song, the beat barely changes and there is emphasis on the mid point string effect. These are two very different songs, each appealing in its own way.

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