Interview with Craig Macintosh (Dogs Die in Hot Cars)

Interview with Craig Macintosh (Dogs Die in Hot Cars)

One of Glasswerk's favourite ever events was at The Garage about 5 years ago. With the whole venue taken over for our inaugoral Outbreak Festival, a little-known northern band called The Arctic Monkeys played in the tiny 150 cap Upstairs room, while Fans of Kate and Haven supported Dogs Die in Hot Cars.

It was the first time we had touts outside! It was sold out weeks ahead and was an amazing night. It was DDIHC's biggest London headline show to date and with talk of a 2nd album, things were looking… hot. So for the band to eventually put it on the backest of back burners and take, shall we say, an extended leave of absence, it was a pretty sad time. But we've always kept in with the guys, and today singer and songwriter Craig Macintosh lets us in on a few happenings, regarding his own projects and also some Dogs news!

Craig, where you been the last few years? Southern Europe judging by your new videos….

I live in Palma, Spain. I moved out here almost four years ago when we decided to abandon the recording of the second album.

Have you had the chance to work out the difference between iron and zinc?

Unfortunately not, but I have been working out the difference between similar spanish phrases, through trial and error. Things like eres guapa (you are beautiful) and estás guapa (I want to have sex with you right here, now) and choch (basque for “cheers”) and chocho (vulgar british word that begins in c and ends in t).. That's kept me pretty busy.

So what’s all this then about you re-inventing the music industry? People making money by BUYING your music? How does that work?

Aside from the album being available as a download, you can also order it as limited custom-made CD where by each album cover is a completely unique image that I design upon purchase. I am then sharing all and any future incomes generated by each image 50-50 with the purchaser.

Of every design I will then make a limited run of ten numbered and signed prints available to buy from the website. So if they sell, the purchaser of the CD will make their money back, times 5.

So were you good at sharing toys and sweets when you were a kid?

I liked swopsies.

Do you a see an underlying theme to this new body of work?

yes, It was written during quite an emotional time in my life. It's definitely my most personal collection of songs. After I sent the record over to my mother to hear, she called me up and her first words were “at last, you are writing from the heart”.

With the dogs songs I always assumed a character, someone to hide behind – maybe because I knew at the time of writing them that I also wanted them to be heard by others. But with The Lie, that wasn't on my mind at all.

Could they have easily passed as DDIHC songs or is there something about them that sets them apart?

Dogs Die In Hot Cars are capable of anything so yes!

I hear rumours afoot that all the dogs might be getting back in the car. Any truth to that?

Things are brewing up again. It's early stages but lets see. We learnt a lot from the last time, which is good. We are a lot wiser going into it.

So there you have it. We shall wait for their next moves and of course keep you updated. In the meantime, download the album or go into business with Craig and buy a custom made cd at link or link

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