Editors Bassist Answers Our Questions

Editors Bassist Answers Our Questions

We managed to catch up with Russell Leetch, bass player for Editors, while he was preparing for their upcoming UK and European tour and got him to answer a few questions.

Good morning, how are you?
R: I'm pretty good thanks. It's a nice day here.

Where are you?
R:I'm in Birmingham, I have a house here. I'm back for a short time before tour.

You're just about to embark on a UK/European tour, but the album came out in October, what have you been doing since then?
R: We've been touring since November/December, even over new year, in the US.

How was the US?
R: Great! Good venues, and we've still got a good fanbase there.

What are you most looking forward to about the forthcoming tour?
R: We're going places we've never been before, which is weird given how long we've been touring.

Where are the new places you're going?
R: Macedonia…Croatia…places in Poland…

Do you think going to these new places is a sign that your fanbase has expanded, or is it just the first chance you've had to play for some of these fans?
R: A bit of both. We've never had the chance or the time to play these places before now.

Do you think having quite a 'serious' band name means that people have certain expectations for your music?
R: Erm…I have no idea! I don't think it matters.

So you have no concerns that there are preconceptions surrounding the Editors?
R: No care in the world!

Will you be taking touring seriously or just be having fun?
R: Both. We play a long time each night – an hour and forty minutes – we put on a show. But we'll definitely be having fun!

And finally…can you lend us a fiver?
R: What's it for?

We haven't got one.
R: Maybe not, no.

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