Straight Lines Interview

Straight Lines Interview were lucky enough to get the chance to have a bit of a chin-wag with the lovely Straight Lines boys before they hit the stage in Manchester for one of the last shows in their headline tour.

Why did you change the name from Said Mike to Straight Lines?
Tom: It's a different band (laughs). Two members left.
Dane: We never released anything. And there's no keyboards this time – it's a bit more grown up.
Tom: It's a fresh start. We were fourteen when we started, we did a lot of good shows and tours.

But you've kept some of the same songs…
Tom: Well they were never released. It'd be shame just to waste them. We worked at it for eight years but we've done more in the past nine months! Everyone had had enough and the boys just left.

So you're all happy with that?
All: 100%!
James: People can like more than one band. We just want to build a tour. Straight Lines is a step forward, and a continuation.

Are you looking forward to your support slot with the Automatic?
All: Yes! They're great guys!

Do you prefer playing your headline shows? Are they going well?
James: Yeah – we're just the support for them! (laughs)
Dane: There's more effort involved to put on a good show and you come off buzzing.
Todd: Leeds has been the best so far.

What's been the best part?
Todd: People knowing the album!

Are the hometown shows the best?
Dane: Actually, it's harder to get Welsh people involved.
Todd: It's nice to be away.

Why are so many shows 14+?
Todd: Oh, just because of promoters and agencies.

Are you happy with that arrangement?
Todd: It doesn't really matter…we'd rather play to fourteen year olds than no-one,and the 18+ can always have wristbands. We've got a mixed fanbase.
Dane: Yeah, in Leeds families even got involved!

Let's talk about the album. What's your favourite track?
Tom & Dane: Runaway Now.
Todd: Perfect Mistakes.
James: It changes day to day…Place to Stay?

Who are your favourite bands?
Tom: At The Drive In
Todd: Nirvana
Dane: Weezer
James: AC/DC

Do you think having such mixed influences has impacted positively on the album?
All: definitely!

And finally…can you lend us a fiver?
Tom: Errr…no, look! (shows us his empty wallet)
James: I've got £1.25. Maybe between us?
Dane: Hells no!

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