Delorentos Speak To Us

Delorentos Speak To Us

We had the opportunity to grab a quick chat with Delorentos before they jetted of to Germany to play with The Soft Pack prior to their album being launched in April.

It sounds like you've had a turbulent time of it (after achieving huge success in Ireland, Ro left and later returned). Do you think breaking up and making up's had an impact on the album?
I think the turbulent period during which it was written is definitely reflected in the songs. There's a yearning, soul-searching aspect, which is always there, but we were in an especially weird place for six months. Now we're back from the dead, we're appreciating Delorentos for all that it is and very excited about what it can be.

You've already played with some impressive names (Supergrass, The Coral, Arctic Monkeys, The Dave Matthews Band…). Have any of them influenced your music? What other bands have inspired you?
You can't help but be influenced by what's around you and it's great when bands like Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective come along and challenge your ear. When you start playing there's a tendency to mimic your idols. It's when you come through that and start to explore your own head that interesting ideas emerge. There are four very different, interesting heads in Delorentos and that's what makes it exciting.

What genre would you say your music belongs to?
If anyone asks me what kind of band we are, I usually say, “we're a guitar band” because it's easy and as we currently use mostly guitars, not a lie.

Despite all the touring you've already done, are you nervous about releasing the new single (and album) and the subsequent shows you'll be playing?
Travelling the world playing your own songs is definitely in the Top 5 of coolest jobs in the Universe, so we're just excited really.

Your album reached number 2 in Ireland. Is it important to you to emulate this success elsewhere?
We'd like to play to as many people as possible and to be part of as many “I was there” moments as we're lucky enough to experience. Playing our songs is a great release for us and we hope it'll be the same for people who hear our record and come to the shows. If that gets us to No.1 we'll happily embrace it 🙂

You played some SECRET shows to celebrate the release of S.E.C.R.E.T. Did you have fun engineering them? Can we expect more fun gimmicks to reward fans for their support?
It was really good fun. Variety being the spice of something, you can expect us to turn up in some weird and wonderful places for sure.

How will you celebrate the single and album launches in April?
In a big room with a lotta love. It'd be great to have a No.1 record in the UK before we've had one in Ireland, that'd be a nice way to celebrate!

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