Let's Go To War Interview

Let's Go To War Interview

We got better acquainted with PJ from Canadian electro, break beat outfit, Let's Go To War.

First things first, how are you?
I’m great. Thanks for asking.

You've coined the term 'digital confusion' to describe your album, 'Karmageddon'. Tell us a little more about what that means?
Well, I listened to so much music growing up. On any given day there’d be Jazz, Reggae, Country, Hip Hop, Rock and Roll, or something blasting out my mom’s apartment. And that carried over into my music quite a bit. So, I’m not always sure what direction I want to go in… A lot of it depends what I’m listening to that day. And, being able to access so much music these days digitally, shit… I feel like I’d go crazy limiting myself to one style.

Your songs cover a lot of different themes. How do you decide what to write about?
There are times that I want to write about a specific thing, or event that happened, and I just write. But, most times I don’t decide to write… it just happens. I take notes of things I see, hear, or feel everyday. So essentially I’m writing all the time. There’s really a lot going on when you lift your head and look around once in a while.

What's your favorite track on the album and why?
It changes all the time… Right now, either Maybelline, or Wolves. Maybelline cause how it makes me feel when I listen to it, a sense of peace for a moment perhaps. Wolves cause of what it does to the crowd when we play it. It conducts so much energy; it feels great watching people move to your work.

It's just about to be released worldwide. Have you played here in England before? When are you planning to hit the European tour circuit?
We’re really excited about that. I haven’t played in England as yet though; we’ll be there this Spring/Summer. I’m really looking forward to getting the music out there, and crossing the pond… We know how much you guys enjoy your pints and good music!

How do you really feel about European girls? (According to 'The Whole City's got a Cold', they're badass chicks!)
Haha, yeah European girls are definitely sexy… maybe it’s something in the air over there…? Less stress? Enjoy life more? Who knows, but I really dig the life style.

Oh, one more thing, can you lend me fiver?!
Depends on what it’s for homie…

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