Fine Young Firecrackers Answer Our Questions

Fine Young Firecrackers Answer Our Questions

Local Liverpool heroes Fine Young Firecrackers are currently on an extenstive UK tour including a support slot to Madine Lake and culminating in their very own Single Launch Party and hometown show on April 2nd.

We caught up with the boys just before they scooted off on tour…

How are you FYF?
Harry: Sound
Craig: Sweet
Adam: Yeah good thanks.

Before Adam joined the band, the rest of you were in a band called The Assassination Of… How did you become FYF?
Harry: Well our singer, Peter, left due to unforseen circumstances and we decided we wanted to make money and be more commercial…more the kind of music Radio One would play, a bit more pop-punk.

And where did the name come from?
Harry: We ripped it off from a band called Conditions…
Adam: Well yeah, we all came up with some awful suggestions and then a song called Fine Young Firecrackers came on at practice and we all liked it.

Was it hard integrating yourself into the group, Adam?
Adam: No not really, they’re all sound…I felt like I was on a friendship trial with Harry at first.
Harry: You still are!
Adam: Haha, 6 months probation.
Carl: But you’re the kind of person that gets in there straight away like yeah, I’m involved!

So you enjoy spending time together and you had recently had a trip to London to record. How did you fund that?
Adam: Self-funded, we all work hard!

So what do you all do as day-jobs?
Adam: I work for Child Protection in Liverpool Council.
Carl: I work in a café.
Craig: It’s a milkshake bar! I do agency work.
Harry: I’m a joiner.
Conor: I stamp envelopes.

Do you think there’s extra pressure or competition, being from Liverpool? For example with My Emergency?
Harry: What a question…
Adam: We’re all mates, so it’s a case of friendly competition, you know, we all want to be the best at what we do.
Carl: It’s like, my willy’s bigger than yours!
Craig: I was going to say it’s a case of, my dad can beat up your dad.

So if you’re aiming to make music that appeals to everyone, who are your main influences?
Adam: Well we all like different things. I think that’s what helps us write good music, taking so many different influences and using them. Conor has a massive mancrush on Notorious BIG and Tupac, Harry’s favourite band is Glassjaw, [Craig] McVeigh likes bands like Brand New
Craig: [Carl] Birtles’ favourite band is My Chemical Romance…
Harry: That’s embarrassing for him!
Carl: [shrugs] I don’t care!

Are you excited for tour?
Craig: I think so…
Adam: They are. For me it’s my first tour with a band so I’m nervous but excited. They’ve all done this before, it’s all been done for these guys!
Harry: It’ll be like oiling the cogs…and it’s the first time we’ve done it all together.

One last question….can you lend us a fiver?
All: No!
Craig: Maybe in a year…when we start making money!

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